The Manitoulin Youth Conference Campfire Songbook Webpage  

The Manitoulin Youth Conference Campfire Songbook Webpage

On this page both the singers and musicians can find all of their material. All files are and have been formatted as perfect as possible over many hours so that everyone gets the exact same files without alteration and there is no confusion. There are some lyrical mistakes in the songbook that have been corrected in the accompaniment files so the one leading the singing should indicate the corrections noted on the chord charts for that song.

The 'Singers' section contains the complete songbook in the one file and the index/request sheet in the other. The 'Accompaniment' section contains individual files containing the chord charts to every song in the songbook. They are separated into two sections separating the hymn book songs from the non-hymn book songs and there is a handy chord chart on the main page of in case you get stuck. I pray this will help to aid the wonderful time of worship and encouragement around the campfire and elsewhere!

-Bro. James DiLiberto


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